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How to mix & match pastel colors?

1. Go Monochrome.  Choose one color and stick with it throughout your outfit, be it a two-pieces or one-piece set. Try it with one of your favourite colors (e.g. pink) or this season's hottest colors (e.g. green).  2. Mix Pastels. Pair a few different pastel colors together for a soft yet bold look. Go with colors with your comfortable with as a start. If you're up for it, you can go with bold, bright colors! 3. Match with Neutrals. Do not be afraid to mix pastel colors with neutral ones. White and beige shades will help you balance the girly nature of pastels. Pastels look incredible with gray and cream tones as well.

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#LKempowers Series: Episode 2

Hola! I’m Jo Ann, a full-time working mum to a beautiful 2-year-old daughter. My workplace includes construction sites which looks like a Lego structure. Have you encountered a struggle recently? Share with us and how you overcame it. Since young, I am known to my family and friends as a happy go lucky person. However, since January 2018, I was diagnosed with postpartum depression - an unhappy and invisible illness which I never thought I would have.  It took me a year to open up about it, with a positive mindset. My experiences have left me scars, now covered up with an adorable and colorful unicorn tattoo.  Currently, self-love is the utmost priority in my life. I’ve taken baby steps...

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#LKempowers Series: Episode 1

For me, confidence is everything. On the days when I feel like a failure and everything ahead of me looks bleak, I always ask myself, how do I pick myself up again? And it is with that little confidence in me that says, “You’ve got this Melody, you can do it!” I pick myself up again and soldier on! I get my source of confidence from two things – my mind (internal) and my #outfitoftheday (external). I’ve learnt that my mind is a very powerful gift, my thoughts turn to actions so it is very important to keep it positive! At the same time, I’ve always felt that my day starts right with the right outfit. Put on the wrong...

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