Qiong Exclusive Fireworks Prints Family Set

琼 🎇Qiong Exclusive Fireworks Prints Family Set

      It would be our greatest pleasure to welcome in the year of Dragon with you and your family in our first ever Love Knot exclusive in-house prints collection! Introducing the perfect combination of tradition and modernity - our pattern fabric features an exquisite array of different colours and elements. Each pattern in these pieces includes elements like fireworks, pearls, a “Fu” firecrackers incorporating Love Knot Signature logo and subtle sparkles. The design’s main idea is to symbolise a lively and joyful burst of emotions. And for this design, we incorporated intricate and complex floral Chinese knots to bring in a different accent to the whole outfits. Comfort and luxury come hand-in-hand with each piece, as it is designed to bring your wardrobe to life with its vibrant hues and extraordinary detail. Let’s step into the year of the dragon in style with our one-of-a-kind couture.

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