#LKempowers Series: Episode 1

For me, confidence is everything. On the days when I feel like a failure and everything ahead of me looks bleak, I always ask myself, how do I pick myself up again? And it is with that little confidence in me that says, “You’ve got this Melody, you can do it!” I pick myself up again and soldier on!

I get my source of confidence from two things – my mind (internal) and my #outfitoftheday (external). I’ve learnt that my mind is a very powerful gift, my thoughts turn to actions so it is very important to keep it positive! At the same time, I’ve always felt that my day starts right with the right outfit. Put on the wrong outfit, and my day is off to a bad start.

My favourite quote is “be the change you want to see”. It serves as a reminder not to blame others for my failures, but to learn from it and be a better version of myself.

– Melody, Founder of Love Knot

#LKempowers #LKwomen


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