#LKEmpowers Series: Episode 3


Hello! I am Diana, currently pursuing my PhD in the biomedical field, focusing on nose cancer research.

Have you encountered a struggle recently? Share with us and how you overcame it. 

My struggle isn’t something physical but more of a mental one. Recently I felt like I was underperforming and way behind my schedule for my research because many of those around me were finishing with theirs. I had to calm myself down and tell myself everyone’s race and journey is different – I joined the course later so I still have got a lot more of the race to run than my peers. It also helps that I have people around me who encourage me and help me see things in perspective. Despite being at my low point for quite a while, it all came down to having a strong mind, well at least trying to have one - I had to regain my thoughts and composure to continue moving forward. 

What is your secret source of confidence?

My inner voice – which I have to learn to listen to more and trust more.

Without a doubt, definitely my #outfitoftheday as I feel more powerful when I think I’m dressed nicely, as my mum always say “it’s better to be overdressed than to be underdressed”.

Since I work in science laboratories Monday to Friday with its strict clothing regulations, I am always seen in a casual top, jeans and sneakers. Therefore, I appreciate the opportunity to wear dresses and skirts outside these hours – it makes me feel like I can do pretty much anything as it puts my mind in a good place.

If you had one quote to share with our #LKcommunity, what would it be?

“You can be a good person with a kind heart and still say no”.

I think most times we are afraid to say no, even if it’s for something that we don’t believe in or something that we aren’t comfortable doing – especially in social and/or professional situations. Knowing and learning to accept this will give us more freedom to empower ourselves and the feeling of knowing that we matter, that we need to look after and love ourselves more. I still am learning to do this and I hope that slowly and surely, we all know it’s okay to say no in situations that disable us.

– Diana Choo

#LKempowers #LKwomen

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