#LKempowers Series: Episode 2

Hola! I’m Jo Ann, a full-time working mum to a beautiful 2-year-old daughter. My workplace includes construction sites which looks like a Lego structure.

Have you encountered a struggle recently? Share with us and how you overcame it.

Since young, I am known to my family and friends as a happy go lucky person. However, since January 2018, I was diagnosed with postpartum depression - an unhappy and invisible illness which I never thought I would have. 

It took me a year to open up about it, with a positive mindset. My experiences have left me scars, now covered up with an adorable and colorful unicorn tattoo. 

Currently, self-love is the utmost priority in my life. I’ve taken baby steps to recovery from reading to watching and practicing Xandria Ooi’s Happiness Program and indulging myself in fitness regimes. These activities helps me build my self-esteem, and keeps my mind healthy.

On my recovery journey, I’ve also came to know about Love Knot, a fashion brand that aims to empower women. I love how Melody, the founder and her team extends their warmth and love everytime I shop with them. Also, not to be missed, their tag that comes with every piece of their love, which is a close reminder to myself to always believe in myself and be confident.

I love how my confidence lifts up every time I am wearing Love Knot.

When I look good, I feel good. When I feel good, I learn to love myself more.

What is your secret source of confidence? 

For me, I would say Xandria Ooi’s Happiness Program, Fitness & #loveknotOOTD!

If you had one quote to share with our #LKcommunity, what would it be?

“Self-love is beyond everything.” Why self-love? By loving yourself, you shape your inner self and confidence. Being able to love yourself makes you share the love with the people around you. A heart shape is always what I look for in everything that I do.

– Jo Ann Lum

#LKempowers #LKwomen


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