1. What is a Backorder?
    A backorder item means that the ready stocks have sold out, and we're giving customers another chance to purchase our designs! However, restocks are usually in limited quantity it is highly recommended to place your backorder orders early to avoid any disappointment.
  1. How do I differentiate a Backorder item from a Ready Stock item? 
    For backorder items, we will indicate it on the product itself. We will insert [BACKORDER] in front of the product name or size or color that is on backorder. 
  1. How do I purchase a Backorder item? 
    You may purchase it as usual, like how you would for a ready stock item. The process to checkout is exactly the same.
  1. How long does Backorder take to arrive? 
    We will have an ETA stipulated on each product that is open for backorder. It usually take up to 3 months as our garments are made by our own production team locally. 
  1. If I purchase a Backorder item together with a Ready Stock, will it the Ready Stock item be shipped out first?
    Unfortunately not, we will send all items in the order together once the Backorder item arrives. This is to avoid any confusion or dispute on the order. However, if you would like to arrange for your Ready Stock items to be shipped first, kindly contact us at You will be required to top-up for shipping to do so. 

  2. How do I check on the Backorder status? 
    You can check on the Backorder status on the individual product page. We will also notify you if you made an order for a Backorder item which has been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances.