About Us

"We believe that every woman deserves to feel happy and good about themselves."
"We believe that every woman deserves to dress well in quality and premium outfits without breaking their banks."
"We believe that every woman deserves to belong to a loving community, with no sense of judgment."

These are the beliefs behind Love Knot’s existence, that we can play a part in putting a smile and instilling confidence in women.

Founded in 2018, Love Knot is committed to designing and producing outfits that are relevant and relatable to our customers, by emphasizing trends and fittings, without any compromise on quality and functionality. At Love Knot, every single design is carefully planned from start to end, from design sketch to sampling, review and inspection before packing each piece into parcels to be delivered to our customers.

Our collections are designed and sewn in-house by our very own design team. We can proudly share that our designs are 100% original and can only be found exclusively at Love Knot. Every collection and design has its own unique inspiration that promotes a very different experience.

In our best effort to ensure everyone leaves with a smile, Love Knot is also renowned for providing wonderful and down-to-earth experience, in the way we connect and communicate with our customers. At Love Knot, we believe and take joy in treating the customers just as the way we wanted to be treated.

Since our establishment, we have unknowingly created a community among our customers, whom some have become friends (which we call Love Knotters). The bond, connection and support among the Love Knotters is beautiful and it is something greatly treasured by us at Love Knot.

 We take pride in our purpose of playing a role in this community.


Knots of Love always,


Empowering women with confidence everyday

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