About Us

Here at Love Knot, we believe that every woman deserves to dress well. We pride ourselves on designing styles that cater to women of all shapes and sizes with easy to wear and pair pieces. Our collections are exclusively designed and tailored by our own team, with a high emphasis on quality, style and fit. 

We constantly strive to solve the ultimate pain point which most women face - finding the right fit for their body shape and size. Every item you see in our store is carefully designed, styled and tested by the team.  We are firm believers that women should have access to affordable clothing that make them feel like they can achieve wonderful things in life by dressing a little better every day.  

Through what we put on, we can tune into our confidence frequencies and have a positive outlook even when things aren’t looking up.  

Knots of Love always,

The Love Knot Team

Empowering women with confidence everyday